Top 10 Old Players

Riaz Miana

Main Raiz Miana has been the best player in Pakistan kabaddi’s best player in Pakistan. kabaddi was started in primary. Pakistan used to play kabaddi for WAPDA. He played his last match on Dec 25, 1990, in Gujranwala.

Ameen Jutt

Muhammad Ameen Jutt started playing kabaddi In 1980. He played for Pakistan railways in the army stadium in 1985. Recruited as a constable in 1986. He played a national championship from 1985 to 1995.

Gulam Abbas Butt

Gulam abbas butt started kabaddi from primary school. He played for Pakistan WAPDA. In 1997 he became the captain of the Pakistan kabaddi team. His kabaddi career was excellent.

Yasir Javed Hathi

Yasir javed hathi hailed from Shergrh. He used to play for the plice department. He was the best player in the kabaddi world cup 2010 and also toured many India.

Ishtiaq wahla

Ishtiaq wahla recruits players for Pakistan WAPDA international players in its first-ever. Intermediate kabaddi tournament and becomes a permanent member of the Pakistan kabaddi team.

Sajjad Gujjar

Sajjad Gujjar started playing kabaddi in 1998 on the basis of kabaddi he joined the army in 2001. He was selected in the Pakistan kabaddi team in 2004. Sajjad Gujjar was also feared by Indian kabaddi players.

Musharraf Javed janjua

Musharf javed janjua started playing kabaddi after seeing his elder brother. He made his first tour of India at the age of 18. He also played for Pakistan police and WAPDA every match of his life was memorable.

Baber Waseem Gujjar

Baber Waseem Gujjar was basically a weightlifter. He was the champion of Pakistan from 2002 to 2004. Then in 2005 Pakistan joined WAPDA and started playing kabaddi. This young player made a name for himself all over the world.

Shafiq Chishti

Muhammad Shafiq Chishti hails from Sahiwal. This young player gained fame all over the world thanks to his sports honor of captaining in kabaddi world cup 2014 and was the best player of the final match.

Imtiaz Alam

Fast-paced Pakistan Imtiaz Alam was one of the fastest readers in Pakistan. He was also the captain of the Pakistan kabaddi team in the 2010 kabaddi world cup.

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