Top 10 Young Kabaddi Player

Heera butt (Raider)

Heera Butt is the best reader of Kabaddi in the world. Heera Butt is the nephew and student of Ghulam Abbas Butt. Besides, he has been the best player of the Canada Kabaddi season twice. That is why he was named Diamond of Kabaddi in Canada.

Irfan mana Jutt (Raider)

Irfan Mana Jutt is the captain of Pakistan’s Kabaddi team and Pakistan Air Force team. Irfan Mana’s performance in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014 Kabaddi World Cup Asia is a telling proof. Under his leadership, the Air Force Kabaddi team won the National Kabaddi Championship from 2105 to 2019.

Nafees Gujjar (Stopper)

Nafees Gujjar started playing Kabaddi in 2013 and was twice the best player of the National Kabaddi Championship. Kabaddi was part of the Pakistani team in World Cup 2018 and 2020.
Kaleem-ullah jutt (Raider)
Kaleemullah Jutt plays Kabaddi on behalf of Pakistan Police Kabaddi was part of Pakistani Kabaddi team for World Cup 2020.

Muzamal boota (Raider)

Muzammil Botha plays Kabaddi for Pakistan WAPDA. He has also played Kabaddi in Canada and India. He is one of the good readers of Pakistan.

Waqas Butt (Raider)

Waqas Butt plays Kabaddi for the Air Force. He has played three Kabaddi World Cups for Pakistan. In addition, Waqas Butt’s four brothers also play Kabaddi.

Ali warrich (Stoper)

Ali Waraich plays Kabaddi for Pakistan Army. He was part of the team for the 2020 Kabaddi World Cup in Pakistan. Ali Waraich hails from Gujarat.

Awais Jutt (Stopper)

Owais Jutt is a national player from a village near Faisalabad. He started playing Kabaddi in 2012. He plays Kabaddi for Pakistan Sui Gas.

Qamar zaman butt (Stoper)

Qamar Butt is a student of Prince of Pakistan Babar Gujjar. He is from Sangla Hill. He has played Kabaddi World Cup 2020 for Pakistan. Besides, Pakistan plays Kabaddi for WAPDA.

Tabashir jutt (Raider)

Tabashir Jutt hails from Shahkot. He started playing Kabaddi in 2015. He also plays Kabaddi for Babar Gujjar Kabaddi Club.

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